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2675 N. State Hwy 34
Kaufman, TX 75142
(972) 932-4351

Our Background

In early 1999, a group of concerned citizens within the communities of Kaufman, Henderson and Van Zandt Counties in Texas came together to undertake the project of providing housing for the homeless within these communities. This need became increasingly apparent as extensive studies were conducted to determine the size of the problem. Once aware of the overwhelming need for providing care for victims of domestic violence, it was agreed that a facility could only meet the needs of one population and the decision was made to offer resources to women and children. For that purpose, The Genesis Center was founded some years ago under the legal name of Cedar Creek Non-Profit Housing, Inc.

The shelter is collaborating with parents, educators, the business community, faith based groups, and state and local resource providers to bring people and resources together to address this most urgent issue. It is the desire and goal of The Genesis Center Board and staff to maximize the benefits of the centers' services to the communities. We collaborate with other agencies to provide clothes, food and assistance to people in need. As our goals are slowly met we have began working with runaways, troubled youth chemical dependents, and incarcerated women.

Without regard to cost of care, The Genesis Center accepts all women and children in need of emergency shelter. Since January 2001, the Center has provided shelter and assistance to approximately 1000 women and 600 children.  We have had to turn away three times that amount for lack of funding. 

The Genesis Center Board of Directors 2007

Chairman: Dr. Sam Carothers
Vice Chairman: Lonnie Harris
Vice President:/Secretary Alan Austin
Board Members  
: Linda Roberts
  Nancy Murphy


As with any non-profit organization, The Genesis Center relies on your generous support to continue our operations.

We encourage you to join us in our efforts. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation, please mail your check to:

Click Here For Bank Draft FormThe Genesis Center
2675 N. State Hwy. 34
Kaufman, Texas 75142

Credit Card donations are possible by calling the Genesis Center at 972-932-4351.  Your personal information will be private and protected.

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Revised: October 12, 2007